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A key to our business is the diversity of our capabilities. We have wire EDM, ram EDM, drilling machines, horizontal and vertical milling machines, lasers, CNC and manual lathes, surface and cylindrical grinders, tool grinders, vacuum and atmospheric ovens, cryogenics, contact and non-contact metrology equipment, and machines for lapping and polishing flat surfaces. Here is a just a sampling of some of the capabilities we have!

Milling and drilling are a staple of our business. We have machines with table sizes up to 21 x 51. We have miniatures (5 x 12 table size), pallet changers, horizontals, verticals, and specialty high-speed drilling machines. Precision spindles on some machines for micro hole drilling; 3, 4, and 5-axis available. Drilled holes can be as small as .005 with lengths up to 20X the hole diameter.
We have lasers capable of cutting through steel up to .035 thick. Beam widths as small as .0013 allow for small holes and precision slots. Useful for flow orifices, shims, etc.
Metrology equipment available includes a Zeiss Prismo CMM, a View Summit 600 optical metrology system, and several other systems specialized for inspecting small holes and flow orifices. We also utilize an array of traditional metrology equipment. Usually, we can set up a measurement system to match what our customer is using.
One of our specialties is wire EDM. We can use wire sizes as small as .001, and maximum part dimensions can be as large as 15.75 x 9.8 x 9.8. We also have ram EDM capabilities.
Vacuum and atmospheric furnaces allow us to perform most heat treating services in-house for parts that we produce. We also have equipment to perform cryogenic treatments, at your request.
We have the capability to make our own tooling when a job requires a custom shape, or tighter tolerances than a commercially available tool can provide. CNC, Automatic, and manual grinders are utilized to make drills, reamers, endmills, and forming tools.
Many of our customers require precision flat surfaces and fine finishes on their parts. We can perform lapping on parts as large as 27 diameter, and we have several sizes of finishing machines to polish some material, like stainless steels, to near mirror finishes.